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Will 01 Feb 2017
Ok, so I came here thinking I was going to get financing to bid in the auction.....that was not the case this place provides financing only if you going to purchase the vehicle directly. So after about 3 hours on the lot I find a car that I want to finance and we get started......Zuly is amazing at ...what she does, if the higher ups are seeing this please know what a asset you have in that worker.... once all the paperwork was done and everything was set and verified I got the keys and out the door I went. I did have one small problem and I think it had to do with the ignition cut off switch they installed in the vehicle, im not sure they programmed it for me to leave the state and I was from jersey lol. One quick phone call and all was fixed..... here I am well over 4 years after the first payment and this thing is still going strong. I have driven this car all up and down the east coast from an hour above albany NY to Wilmington NC 9 hours south of NJ and this thing runs like a champ. I think as long as you are cautious and selective about what you are buying (buy with your head and not with your heart) from here you will make out just fine. This is my 3rd vehicle from the auction (other two where hit by someone and the ins company totaled them out) and the 3rd time I am more than satisfied with my purchase. I will be looking to them again when it's time for another. Thank you guys for everything keep up the great work! -Will Show more
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Long time Car afficionado 31 Jan 2017
I dealt with a private buyer. He was super cooperative and a motivated seller. Initially, I fell in love with his vehicle that was exactly what I had been looking for. I told him that I would do everything that I could to purchase the vehicle. Next, I sought a Carfax and studied it. Following t...hat I asked whether I could run the car through a trusted mechanic at Pep Boys for an evaluation. First, I was looking for the a vehicle that would pass inspection and/or identify the repairs that were needed. I did not run it through a dealer because the costs would have been up to many times the evaluation that I received which was printed out with the repairs that would be required to pass inspection. Following this, I scheduled an appointment with the seller at my home. I presented him with copies of all the findings on the vehicle. Then, I asked him his price in light of the repairs that I felt would be necessary to pass inspection. Instantly, the seller agreed to adjust the price to satisfy both of us. I agreed. Thereafter, we went to the Title establishment. Previously, I had insured the vehicle under its vehicle identification number (VIN) and transferred the vehicle into the buyers name. I wrote him a check. I treated the seller to breakfast and we drove to his home. We shook hands and vowed to get together again. This is a done deal. It couldn't be better. Thanks! Show more
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Stop It Please 01 Aug 2015
I am reading a lot of complaints on here about the auction vehicles. They have stated to the public numerous times that no they are not a dealer, they are an auction house. You can choose not to purchase the vehicle once you look or listen to it within the two hours that they give you before the is auctioned off. It's not like the mileage isn't clearly stated and honestly what exactly are you expecting from cars that have very high miles on there. No one is forcing anyone's hand in purchasing a vehicle from this auction house. In the past I have contacted them about a lot of vehicles to the point where I felt I was being annoying with my questions. They responded to every email I have sent. If you are not sure about purchasing any of these vehicles, like they said feel free to bring a mechanic to look at it. Show more
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George Cummings 11 Apr 2015
I purchased a 2004 Suburban Z71 sight unseen from this dealership. I live over 900 miles away and I heavily depended on the salesman (Eric) to as upfront and honest with me about the condition and specs of this truck. I had absolutely no trouble from the salesman going out of his way to help me with... all my questions. Sure, the truck is not perfect mechanically of cosmetically, but I knew this going into the deal. I was VERY detailed in the questions I asked and no I didn't like every answer that I received. The truth is, the price of this suburban was perfect and did reflect what repairs needed to be done. I'm ok with that. The suburban finally came home to me and it was better than I anticipated. The pictures they had on did this suburban no justice. Overall I am very pleased and will do business with this company again. Just be mindful that this is a production auto auction. This is not a corporate dealer and they sell the cars exactly as they get them. Show more
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donnie 26 Feb 2015
There where to few people to help at first but once I got helped it was good.
4 rate
Rice 21 Feb 2015
They have great pricessss ! The cars are in great condition and they have a wide variety.
5 rate
John 28 Nov 2014
Zuly has been really helpful. I will come and buy a car again from her.
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american auto 28 Oct 2014
This was the best place to work with both Leslie and Eric help me with a difficult and problematic purchase they were their all the way with a smile and help... Exalent experience
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Ralph G 24 Oct 2014
Great experience and great staff. Helpful and knowledgeable.
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Joesph S 24 Oct 2014
The staff was very nice and even stood out in the rain with me and hepled me with the car. Came in not knowing what to expect from an auction but I have thoroughly surprised and will be sure to tell all my friends!!
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